Why You Need a Fertility Doula

fertility doula

Many of you have probably heard of a birth or postpartum doula but perhaps you are not quite sure what a Fertility Doula can offer you. Allow me to shed some light on the matter.

Did you know at least 1 in 8 couples experience fertility challenges?

Fertility Doulas provide physical, emotional, and evidence based education to women and couples wanting to grow their family. A certified fertility doula has gone through extensive training in in all things related to fertility from natural conception to IUI/IVF, sperm/egg donors and surrogacy. My specific training is through, Bebo Mia and included mind/body approaches to fertility and LGBTQ support and advocacy.

If you are going through IVF or IUI, as a result of endometriosis, PCOS, autoimmune, thyroid, or other fertility obstacle, I can support you through your pathway to parenthood. I attend appointments or virtually assist you with formulating the right questions to ask your provider, hold your hand, and take notes during a time when you may have a hard time understanding all the information being thrown at you.

I also support the success of your treatments through natural and mindful approaches to wellness that build stronger foundations for sustainable wellness. You can also reserve my services for in home care after embryo transfer, egg retrieval, or other procedure that requires you to rest and be supported.

I can also help you understand how to track your cycle to know when your fertile window is and increase your chances of successful conception. If you have a history of hormonal birth control use or have recently come off of birth control, I can provide you tools to rebuild your hormonal balance, re-establish suppressed ovulation connections, and restore nutrient depletion. You may also find issues that were masked by birth control come back either the same or worse than before. It is my goal to help you uncover the root cause to your cycle disturbances such as heavy bleeding, painful periods, excessively long or short cycles or no cycles at all. Pain is a sign of an underlying issue.

Just because it is common does not make it normal.

As a Fertility Specialist, it’s also my job to educate couples on how to prime their body, mind, and spirit for parenthood with or without the presence of complications. Many pregnancy and fetal complications can be avoided if a couple is willing to properly prepare and set the stage for optimal wellness. By taking the time to foster a healthy lifestyle & fertile foundation, you can decrease the chances of miscarriage and prenatal/ postnatal complications.

Think of it this way, people typically spend 6-12 months planning their wedding a nearly no time at all for their pregnancy. By taking the time to optimize your diet and lifestyle you will directly impact the health and quality of the genes that are handed down to your children. In other words, you can stop the cycle of poor genetic inheritance by establishing a healthy foundation prior to conception.

1 in 4 women will experience a miscarriage.

Fertility Doulas can also help you navigate your miscarriage by proving education on the various ways to physically process the loss and hold a comforting space while you grieve. I provide in home care after miscarriage and can help you navigate a zen buddhist ritual called Mizuko Kuyo. You can learn more about this Buddhist ritual that many have found incredibly helpful and healing. No matter how far along you were, your experience is worthy of your tears, grief, and loving attention. Connecting with a support group is also a valuable asset to have in your corner when trying to process loss that is more common than most people think. Being able to share your experience with women who understand exactly what you are going though is very beneficial to the healing process.

Here is a list of the some of services I provide as a Fertility Doula. I proudly help build families of all varieties whether that’s a man and a woman, same sex couples, single women, surrogates, or transgender. I strongly believe that love is what makes a family. In addition to these services I can be a valuable asset when working with sperm and egg donor banks and can be there to support your adoption process as well if that’s what you decide is best for you. All my services are personalized to fit your unique needs and meet you where you are on your journey to parenthood.

For more information about what a fertility doulas, you can reference this FAQ page.