The Sacred Womb Retreat

November 1-3, 2019


Registration Opens September 1st!

samadhi yoga retreat

Nurture Your Body * Inspire Your Mind

Empower Your Spirit

If you have been struggling to conceive and want to incorporate mind-body-spirit practices into your journey, I invite you to attend this rejuvenating weekend in the Hill Country at the Samadhi Yoga Retreat Center in San Marcos, TX. The Samadhi Yoga Retreat Center is located on 30 acres of pristine wilderness on a wildlife nature preserve surrounded by scenic hill country views, serene water features and a beautiful 40 foot hand built pyramid.

This retreat is for women who wish to connect and transform their relationship to their womb space and harness their true power of creation and manifestation. If you want to change your relationship to your body, feel deeply connected to a sisterhood that understands you, and feel rejuvenated on your path…

This Retreat is for You!

Participants will receive the Munay Ki 13th Rite Womb blessing ceremony, in addition to fertility yoga, fertility acupuncture, guided meditations, nutrition guidance, moonlight mantras, breath work, and other nurturing practices to invoke the sacred feminine within.

We will also have workshops on conscious conception, cycle syncing, and the how to better care for your womb space and reproductive health. As you work with these physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of fertility, you will be able to transform both your inner and outer world.

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Photo By @minkmade

Photo By @minkmade

What is a Munay Ki 13th Rite Womb Blessing?

The Munay Ki tribe are descendants of the Incas who resided in the Andes Mountains in Peru. The ancient women of their tribe were persecuted for their sacred practices and were forced to find a way to transmit their wisdom in secret so it would not be lost with the future generations. The 13th rite is the answer to their prayer, an honoring of the 13 moon cycles and a blessing for all women who wish to clear their womb space of fear, anger, grief, and trauma. Once a woman has received the rite she is able to pass it on and therefore begin to transform and ignite the divine feminine nature in others.

By healing ourselves we are able to heal the world.

The Importance of Ceremony

Our humanity was built on ceremony and ritual. Rituals to honor the changing seasons, weddings, births, and rites of passage into adulthood were weaved into the fabric of our cultures and societies all over the world for most of human history. It is only in recent history that our modern society has become disconnected from these roots in ritual and as a result we are seeing more and more isolation, separation and astounding rates of depression. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little effort we can rebuild our connection to the sacred, to our communities, and ignite the divinity within us all.

Sacred Breathwork

Breathwork is a form of self-exploration and a powerful healing modality. It will open your heart to see the light within and supports changes in your belief system. It has the capacity  to support the release of emotions, stress, and even trauma and many people report feeling a connection to the divine while doing the type of breathwork we will be practicing during the retreat.

Restorative Fertility Yoga + Guided Meditations

Yoga can be a great tool for not only deep relaxation, but a when taught by an experienced professional, can help women who have experienced trauma or loss feel safe to gently reinhabit their bodies. Yoga helps to release stagnant energy and increase blood flow to the pelvic region, sending those vital nutrients that support conception to exactly where they need to be. Our morning yoga classes will have you walking on cloud nine.

Conscious Conception + Fertility Foods

Conscious conception is the practice of being present and bringing sacred intentions into your journey to parenthood. Conscious conception helps to foster deeper connections to yourself, your partner and the baby waiting to join you. It teaches you how to make space in all ways for new life to enter. In addition, by being conscious of the foods you put in your body and focusing on those that nourish you, you can help to balance your hormone and increase your absorption of vital nutrients needed for a healthy conception and pregnancy .

What’s Included

  • Munay Ki 13th Rite Womb Blessing ceremony

  • Shared or private lodging options for two nights + Organic plant based meals

  • Fertility Yoga

  • Fertility Acupuncture

  • Breathwork practices

  • Womb care + conscious conception workshops

  • Nutrition and supplement guidance

  • Guided meditations

  • Chakra balancing + Reiki

  • Henna tattoo blessings

  • Moonlight mantras

  • Group support discussions

  • Hiking + Walking Meditation

Get to Know Your Retreat Hosts


Emily Shaw

Emily Shaw - Fertility Coach

Emily is the creator of the The Sacred Womb Retreat and a certified fertility support specialist, doula, and nutritionist. She received her fertility training from Bebo Mia with a focus on mind-body practices to support clients on natural and advanced reproductive pathways to parenthood. Her practice integrates nutrition with mental and spiritual perspectives to holistic wellness and vibrant living.

Emily is a strong advocate for informed choice, finding care providers who will truly listen, and providing personalized fertility protocols that meet the needs of her multifaceted clients. In addition to her integrative coaching, she also offers support during and after egg retrieval, embryo transfer, or miscarriage by attending clinic appointments and providing in home care when rest is most needed. She also facilitates private, in home ceremonies after miscarriage to honor the life that was lost and hold space for the grieving process.

In addition to her fertility training, Emily also attended Naropa University in Boulder, CO where she studied yoga, meditation and Eastern philosophy. Her education and life experience have guided her to follow her calling to become a surrogate and is in process of finding her perfect intended family match. She loves supporting women and couples from all walks of life as they journey toward parenthood by helping them uncover their wisdom and light within.

Connect with Emily at:

IG: @flutter_fertility


Devin Grindrod

devin grindrod

Devin Grindrod is a strong advocate for empowerment and whole person healing. Having began her journey of self-restoration as a means to overcome trauma, she understands the importance of the mind, body, and spirit connection that holistic services provide. She has continued to return to these practices over the years as a way to heal herself from the inside out.

This prompted her to start her business, Spiritually Balanced. Devin utilizes this platform as a means to share her knowledge with others so they may be empowered to begin healing themselves through the rediscovery of individual strength and self-worth. The goal of Spiritually Balanced is to create a safe space where each person feels empowered to regain control over their lives while working to become the most authentic version of themselves.

Devin received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from San Diego State University. She attained a graduate certification in Restorative Practices from the International Institute for Restorative Practices. Devin is a Trauma-Informed Yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance. She earned her 200-hour certification through Core Power Yoga and her Trauma-Informed Training was led by Transcending Sexual Trauma through Yoga. Devin has also completed additional trainings and is an Usui Reiki Master as well as a Vaginal Steam Facilitator. She is also a Medium and Intuitive Energy Reader.

Connect with Devin at:

IG: @spirituallybalanced

Mallory Jacks

mallory jacks

Mallory Jacks is a birth & postpartum doula and cyclical living mentor. She came to birth work and cyclical living mentorship through her own journey of reconnecting with her body through the Fertility Awareness Method. After making the decision to ditch hormonal birth control, Mallory began teaching herself the FAM method. First, she felt angry and frustrated that she did not already know this vital information. After the initial shock and anger subsided, she was able to recognize the immense power that she now held by being informed and connected to her cycle. She immediately wanted support other women as they step into their own power. She began her work as a birth and postpartum doula shortly after and continued to integrate her knowledge of the menstrual cycle into her daily life. As her connection to her own body strengthen, she felt called to support other woman as they explored their own cyclical nature.

Connect Mallory at:

IG: @terradoula


Virginia Wittebort


Virginia is a Midwife, a Breathwork Facilitator, and a trained Herbalist. She has been facilitating Healing Circles since 2013, including workshops, ancestral healing, retreats, women moon circles, community breathwork, and recently a postpartum support group. She is interested on helping women connect with their light, strengthen their will, find their divine purpose, and achieve their health goals. Lately, her work has been focusing on a postpartum support group and individual sessions to address postpartum depletion, which includes the preparation for subsequent pregnancies.

Connect with Virginia at:

IG: @lovingthenow

Rachel Krylov


Rachel Caprice Krylov is an Intuitive Energy Healer that combines many modalities including energy work, intuitive guidance, psychology, self-development, and holistic health. Rachel is an Usui Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner and Mesa Carrier, Energy Mastery® Practitioner, Crystal Healer, and Spiritual Life Coach with 7 years of professional practice and training combined. 

She has a specialty in Conscious Conception and works with families from conception, pregnancy, labor, into postpartum and parenthood. Rachel hosts healing circles that combine meditation and ceremony work for deep healing and community connection, as well as Mother Blessings.  Rachel also makes her own blends of shamanically crafted crystal elixirs and sprays, candles, jewelry, artwork, and fairy gardens! She is a natural empath (highly sensitive to the emotional state of others), clairvoyant (clear vision within the "minds eye"), clairaudient (clear hearing from the "inner ear"), and clairsentient (clear feeling from within the body).  Because of this, she is able to channel highly intuitive guidance.

She tries to live every day in the present moment, with a deep awareness and gratitude for the life she is living and creating.  She is constantly growing, healing, and expanding herself- she believes it's a never-ending journey through our lifetime!  

Connect with Rachel at:

IG: @lovehealexpand


Ready to join us?

Retreat Sponsors

Sadie Minkoff L.Ac., FABORM will be providing complimentary fertility acupuncture for the participants as well as donating a gift certificate valued at $140 to be given away in our retreat raffle.

Sage Acupuncture was created in 2003 by Sadie Minkoff, L.Ac., and Michelle Schreiber, L.Ac in Austin, Texas, to provide support for women and families in their search for overall health and integrative care, especially regarding fertility, conception, and childbirth.

They’ve effectively treated thousands of people with concerns like poor egg or sperm quality, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, irregular cycles, repeated miscarriages, and unexplained infertility.

You can learn more about Sadie and Sage Acupuncture HERE.


Dr. Stephanie Gessner is donating a partial sponsorship for one lucky woman to receive $117 OFF her admission into the retreat! She will also be offering discounted chiropractic services for all attendees after the retreat.

Dr. Steph is North Austin’s only 100% mobile chiropractor bringing you exceptional chiropractic care for moms, babies, kiddos, and the whole family in the comfort of your own home.  Whether you are trying to start your family, are expecting a little one, want to keep yourself and your family healthy, or are already striving for a healthy lifestyle, we are here to serve you!

You can learn more about Stephanie and Homebody Chiro HERE

Interested in becoming a sponsor or providing a complimentary product or service?